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Game purchase and download

In order to download games from Free-gamers.com, the user must first purchase the game and after the payment process the user will be able to download the game.

The user may purchase any of the games made available on Free-gamers.com by simply clicking the BUY NOW button located underneath all game titles.

We encourage online shopping by providing a secure experience and reliable payment methods. Pay online on Free-gamers.com with MasterCard or VISA: instant responsiveness, secure transactions, verified results.

We are fully committed to enhancing customer experience on Free-gamers.com. Our wide assortment of intriguing game titles has been widened upon increasing customer demand. From now on, visit our website for more than downloadable games. We provide a complete selection of CD Games available for purchase and shipping so forget about restrictive choices or strictly electronic gaming goodies.  

With regards to games available for download, Free-gamers.com offers instant access to the title of your choice upon purchase. Users may add as many titles as they desire to their shopping cart. Once the payment method and order are confirmed, the title will immediately become available for download.

Throughout the year, Free-gamers.com offers for free different styled games, available for download to customers that have placed at least one valid order in the past 30 days from the moment of clicking the banner.



Free-gamers.com is the sole owner of all the content available on its domain, in virtue of the laws establishing and protecting copyright.

Any attempt to appropriate content made available on our website will lead to legal action, depending on the extent of your user abuse.


Free-gamers.com provides refunds for customers who demand reimbursement within 7 business days after having placed their order.

The present policy notifies all customers that reimbursement requests are only valid for games which have been added to the shopping cart and purchased, but NOT DOWNLOADED. In order to protect our business and to promote a mutually rewarding shopping experience, we reserve the right to consider downloaded games as NON-REFUNDABLE.

 Security enforcement

Free-gamers.com is devoted to ensuring the security of our property, our website environment and our users, including data protected in virtue of privacy protection or classified as restricted for external audiences.

Any deliberate attempt to violate our security software and our database, as well as any overt action directed towards concealing your identity or impersonating another user will have consequences, be them in the form of legal repercussion, according to the outcome highlighted by our professional expertise.

Should you discover any security breach, it is your obligation to alert our team and refrain from taking any sort of advantage from any particular vulnerability. All opposite behavior will be considered a legal contravention and treated as such.

By encouraging our disclaimer policy, our website is directing all efforts towards minimizing customer disappointment.

The terms and regulations stated above sustain the proper development of our website on the grounds of online merchantability and the principles which govern it. Free-gamers.com is entitled to modify its content, products and services as we see fit for our purposes. Consequently, we reserve the right to update this policy at any given moment. We strongly encourage you to check back regularly in order to confirm that you approve of our revised policy.

This policy has been updated on January 1st, 2020.

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