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The purpose of this policy is to outline the basic principles and regulations for the proper functioning of our website. All our stipulations are in full agreement with the current legislation and directed towards respecting the privacy of the user, the rights of merchantability and the overall website experience.

Please note that it is mandatory to agree with our terms and regulations in order to continue using our online website environment. If you have any complaints regarding the points outlined below, we kindly invite you to immediately stop the use of our website.

All rights over “worldgamearcade.com” are held by “AGORA CONSULTING LIMITED”

Registered address: “ROOM1405C, 14/F., LUCKY CENTRE, 165-171 WANCHAI ROAD, WANCHAI HK

e-mail: “admin@worldgamearcade.com”

General terms

worldgamearcade.com provides an extensive and complex selection of downloadable games, in a new attempt to update casual entertainment towards a fully satisfactory experience.

The use of our services and the website features which grant you full access to worldgamearcade.com are made available only for users who have accepted our Terms of Agreement, in full view of all applicable laws employed and referred to in the present policy.

worldgamearcade.com is entitled to adjust the content and features of the website as well as any form of content, including the present policy, as we consider it fit for our purpose. If you conduct further usage of our website, you acknowledge that you agree with all modifications we have implemented. Please refrain from utilizing our website if alterations of content or features no longer reflect your perception of correct website usage.


Websites use cookies in order to grant their customers a customized experience, one tailored according to objectively concluded statistics based on the information gathered. This data encrypting files are stored on the hard drive of a user with the help of a browser, with the sole purpose of providing conclusive statistics regarding your overall user experience.

worldgamearcade.com does not gain access to personal data which you store on your computer. Cookies respect privacy and confidentiality and use information only in view of marketing analyses.

We recommend you accept the use of cookies on your computer.


All content provided by worldgamearcade.com should be envisaged as based on an “as is” policy. We do not provide warranties or any type of reinforcement regarding the unlimited availability of our products and services at any given moment.

Please note that we are entitled to modify prices at any given moment without providing a written notification.

The use of our service

worldgamearcade.com is exclusively destined for non-commercial use. Any attempt to broadcast material which can be classified as advertisement, offence, insult, discrimination, obscenity and vulgarity contravenes the current legislation and will be immediately discarded and deleted from our website.

worldgamearcade.com firmly discourages offensive behavior and any type of implicit or explicit form it may take on our website. Such comments and materials will be immediately deleted, and your access to our website will be restricted. Please note that any further display of such actions will result in legal prosecution.

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